Built with passion and fuelled by our founder’s love for Asia’s rich culinary culture, Gryphon® Tea serves the highest-quality gourmet teas while our sister brands specialise in botanically cold brewed sparkling teas, bespoke teas, Japanese-inspired teas and modernised Southeast Asian gourmet provisions.

Gryphon® tea company

Launched in 2006 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lim Lam Thye Pte Ltd, Gryphon® Tea Company, founded by Mr. Lim Tian Wee, a 4th generation tea blender, currently services more than 400 domestic and overseas F&B and hospitality outlets. Our mission: To serve a better brand experience by creating products with uncompromising quality; creating a unique user experience through innovation, flavours, and packaging.

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Gryphon® tea co.

Gryphon® Tea Co. is at the cusp of tea innovation. Crafted with Gryphon® Tea’s Artisan Selection and steeped for no less than 12 hours, 5 exciting flavours of Botanically Cold Brewed™ Sparkling Teas are curated with an invigorating blend of tea leaves, natural cane sugar and real fruit juices, bringing a sparkling new taste experience to all tea fans.

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Exuding sophistication and playfulness at the same time, Monogram seeks to help tea enthusiasts discover their own preferred combination through the concept of luxurious tea layering using the world’s finest hand picked tea leaves and herbs, fostering a special relationship with every consumer in the experience.

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Breaking out from the typical Japanese or Chinese-centric teas available in the market, our Tea Master brings to you Roji Cha - a fun and youthful Japanese tea product that hopes to cultivate and enhance tea drinking among consumers with more choices of flavours and varieties.

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Ujong Gourmet pursues the revival and modernization of longstanding Asian family recipes to show what modern Southeast Asian food can offer to the global village. Embark on a rich and varied culinary journey with Ujong Gourmet as we seek to explore the Kaleidoscope of Southeast Asian flavors.

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