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Artisan Selection

The millennia-old story of tea continues to unfold with our award-winning Artisanal Selection. Join our master blender on a distinctly Asian quest to unearth the rarest and finest flavours in the region. With a keen eye for the exotic and experimental, he carefully hand-picks the leaf and herb to create the most sublime and experimental flavours. Each tea is then wrapped in 20 translucent silken sachets and presented in an exquisite artisanal box. The accolades for this Asian love affair with tea have arrived from around the world, and include the Great Taste Award in the UK and Monde Selection in Belgium.

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Gourmet Selection

Teas are as different as the earth, water and leaves from which they are drawn, and this complex organic history is reflected in our Gourmet Selection of meticulously crafted flavours. Whether you are a seasoned professional in the foodservice industry, or just beginning your journey, we have the perfect partner for your meal or your mood, from muscular brews that sharpen the senses, to soothing light restoratives that calm the spirit and mind. This continuously evolving range of bulk teas is available in amounts between 50g and 200g.

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Flower Art

An increasingly popular indulgence, the flowering tea is a skilful weaving together of leaves and flowers using cotton thread. The result is a delightful ambrosia with a powerful visual encore, as the hand-made bundles unfurl during the brewing process. For a second encore, let them dry and watch as they transform into intricate displays.

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Tea Lattes

With the arrival of the lattes, we embark on an exciting new chapter in the development of tea; each page coming alive with varieties of flavour, from the noble Earl Grey and tempting honey and ginger, to the nourishing matchas. The matchas have emerged as a superfood, bursting with antioxidants and providing a more consistent caffeine-high than coffee. The versatility of the tea lattes is an opportunity for tea obsessives like us to unleash our creativity, mixing unconventional flavours to produce new combinations that pop with originality.

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Iced Teas

Feeling imprisoned by the sweltering afternoon sun? Make a cool getaway with a refreshing iced tea. Your chilled partner-in-crime comes in handy in the evening too, when the happy clink of ice and stimulating sweetness put your dinner guests in a holiday mood. All escapees love a good disguise, so don’t forget to dress up your drink with berries, tropical citrus or a drizzle of honey.

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