Ethereal Beauty™

SGD 14.64

Promotes Lucid Complexion

Naturally Caffeine-Free

Apple Flower and Pink Rose helps promote a clear, radiant complexion by revitalising blood circulation, and reducing fatty acids build up in the liver. The beautiful collage of flowers is carefully curated by our tea blender, as we believe healthy skin is an illumination that comes from within. Start your skin regime by having a balanced diet, a good night's sleep, and a cup of Ethereal Beauty.

10 Individually Wrapped Biodegradable Silken Sachets

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Apple Flowers, Pink Rose Petals, Rose Hips, Forget-Me-Not Flowers, Lemon Peels, Dried Apple Bits, Orange Blossoms, Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Blossoms, Marigold Flowers, Safflower, Natural Flavourings
  • 200ml for 1 sachet
  • 96°C — 98°C
  • 5 mins