Milky Oolong

Milky oolong is a varietal of oolong tea and contrary to its name, has no milky notes. Instead, it leaves a nice subtle lingering floral mouthfeel. This brew is completely natural and harvested at lower temperatures, giving way to tender and silky nuances. No fancy combinations, but at times, the simplest are also the most flavourful ones.

Gourmet Selection
Curled, semi-oxidised green leaves
  • 2g for 150ml of water
  • 85°C — 95°C
  • 2 — 4 mins
Grouped product items
Product Name Price Quantity
Milky Oolong (50 gr)
SGD 10.50
Milky Oolong (100 gr)
SGD 18.90
Milky Oolong (200 gr)
SGD 34.00