Smooth Relief

SGD 14.01

Promotes a Healthy Bowel System

Naturally Caffeine-Free

Senna leaves are known to encourage bowel movement and alleviate constipation. Its active compound, Sennosides, is commonly known as a stimulant laxative. Have a cup of Gryphon Tea's Smooth Relief before bedtime; let the gentle fruity aroma of Apple and Vanilla transport you to dreamscape, and be ready to face a brand-new day filled with positivity.

10 Individually Wrapped Biodegradable Silken Sachets


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Bael Fruit, Roasted Apples, Senna Leaves, Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Cinnamon Bark, Natural Flavourings
  • 200ml for 1 sachet
  • 96°C — 98°C
  • 5 mins