The Botany Selection Set

SGD 38.50

A range of herbal remedies created to help our body respond more effectively to both physical and biological stressors through the use of natural botanicals.

Comes in a set of 3, featuring herbal blends: Aromatherapy in a Cup, Calming Spirit, and Wonderfull, wrapped in earth-friendly silken sachets to boost your daily happiness and support healthy well-being!


Calming Spirit x 6 Sachets: Supports a Healthy Well-being

Aromatherapy in a Cup x 6 Sachets: Promotes a Healthy Mood

Wonderfull x 6 Sachets: Daily Happiness Booster


All blends are Naturally Caffeine Free for you to enjoy any time of the day. Perfect with honey!

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  • 1 sachet for 250ml of water
  • < 100°C
  • 8 mins